At Yellist, we believe the internet needs a space for grown-ups

The web is the virtual reality of communication and publishing, and its users, authors, creators and thinkers.

Just as cable television opened the door to deeper sports programming, news analysis, and diversified entertainment, so too does the internet need a more in-depth, enganging platform for idea - and media - sharing.

Our goal at Yellist is to make a world of free – and responsible – thinkers.

The enlightenment taught us that only a free and open exchange of ideas keeps the darkness at bay (and the sun squarely in the center of our solar system).

And as we face an onslaught of messaging, from products to science to cultural revolutions, we need a space online to persuade, challenge, and promote new concepts.

Ideas that can be shared on Yellist may not be appropriate on some platforms with strict community standards, so we’ve created tools - and a few guidelines – for sharing.